Tryouts are held in July 2022 for the 2022 fall and 2023 summer soccer season.



Tryouts will be held at:

Elmcrest Park - 16303 Quicksilver St NW, Ramsey, MN 55303



Coon Rapids Complex - 1705 111th Ave NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433

* Please note players should attend both tryout dates

Contact if you will miss a date



** All registrants receive an Adidas tryout (training) shirt and pinnie to keep



*** Goalies (12U and older only) attend the goalkeeper tryouts during their age group tryout and then participate in the rest of tryouts

North United Soccer Club welcomes players from all communities into its competitive soccer program.
The competitive soccer program is designed to provide an opportunity for the more serious and skilled soccer players to play the best competition from other communities and soccer clubs.  Teams are formed based off technical, tactical, mental and physical skills meant to put players in an environment where they will learn now.
Players should arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to the start of their assessment session.  ALL players must check in. Parents will not be allowed on the field during tryouts and can view tryouts only from a distance (not near the field).
Tryouts will be held at:
Elmcrest Park - 16303 Quicksilver St NW, Ramsey, MN 55303
Coon Rapids Complex - 1705 111th Ave NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433
All players are required to bring a inflated soccer ball, shin guards, cleats and a water bottle.
An Adidas tryout shirt and pinnie, that is yours to keep, will be given to each player at tryouts.


With every tryout season, there comes potential for change and great anxiety from players, parents and coaches alike. We encourage you to remember that each year is a chance to grow, to develop as a player, to develop as a person and to develop a passion for soccer. One year can help you get better, but one year won't define you forever. 

We understand and admire the desire for players to be on "the best team", but hope that you understand the potential difference between that and "the best team for your player right now". The development path we have created and continue to strive for and strengthen allows for movement of players among play levels. Your player's desire to improve allows for that. Each player goes through the process at different rates. We encourage you not to get caught up in the level of team your player is on and instead focus on the path of their development. The strength of our club lies in the players that fully buy in, fully commit and fully focus on their development. 

The team formation process will be led by the Director of Coaching, with input from the Boys or Girls Director and team coaches. Player placement decisions are based on a multitude of inputs, which include winter training observations, in-season performance observations and tryout results. 

While every effort is made to place each player on a Competitive team, MYSA roster size restrictions and the number of players trying out at an age group may prevent placement of every player. All players must be evaluated for placement on a team. 

All players should make every effort to attend tryouts. Due to the team nature of the tryout sessions, no makeup sessions are offered. Players must attend the tryout for their own birth year. 


In-Season Performance - Each coach in the club is continuously evaluating players and during the summer season will be completing player evaluations for each player. These evaluations are intended to keep each player and parent(s) updated on the current status as well as potential future status in the club. Following the summer season, each coach will then provide the Director of Coaching a ranking of each player on their roster and make suggestions for each player's future team selection. This will be done collectively as well as by position for each competitive team. This document will be a starting point for the next cycle of team selection. In addition, observations made during the season and during pool training/winter training will also be taken into consideration when forming teams. 

Commitment - Commitment to the team as it relates to attendance for both training and games during the entire competitive season. A player's involvement with outside activities will be assessed and the staff will determine the best interest for the club and particular team for a player's potential involvement. For Premier and C1 teams, there is a higher standard of commitment and attendance expected. 

Tryout Performance - Players will have the opportunity to play  4v4, 6v6 and full-sized games during the tryout session.

Players will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Technical - dribbling, passing, receiving, etc.
  • Tactical - decision-making, vision, movement off the ball, etc.
  • Mental - competitiveness, aggressiveness, team player, etc.
  • Physical - speed, agility, strength, etc.


In order to maximize player development, we will do our best to place players on teams where they are surrounded by others of similar ability, commitment, and aspirations.

Players will be placed based on a combination of how they ranked on their previous team and tryout rankings. 

Team placements are not negotiable. We cannot share specifics regarding rankings and scores. Players looking for feedback on where they can improve should reference their end-of-season player evaluations. 



After Tryouts, rosters are typically finalized within 24-36 hours.

Players will be notified via email with next steps to either accept or decline their roster spot. The notice will be sent to the main email entered in your Tryout registration on TeamSnap. In order to accept a roster spot, the commitment fee must be paid in full, and a payment plan agreed to for the team fees for the season. 



The commitment fee will be applied to the overall club fee and not a separate charge as many clubs do.




9U-10U $150
11U-19U $150



Please watch your email that you use to register for tryouts and be prepared to make a decision on your roster notification!

By paying your commitment fee you are securing your roster spot. You will also need to order a uniform to be used in the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 seasons.

Rosters are not final until all players have paid their appropriate commitment fee. Payment must be received within the stated time period after website notification. After that time, the club may offer roster spots to other eligible players.

The Commitment Fee (or any portion thereof) binds your player to Northern Lights SC and CR United SC, the partnership clubs of North United, for the full Competitive season except as otherwise provided by MYSA and TCSL Bylaws.

The Competitive season runs from August 1 through the Summer State Tournament in July of the following year. Players will not be released except as required by MYSA or TCSL Guidelines. Commitment to Northern Lights SC and CR United SC, the partnership clubs of North United, is valid for both MYSA and US Club leagues. Commitment fees are Non-Refundable.

As a Non-Profit organization that must plan the use of resources and staff in advance, we do not refund certain fees.


Attending tryouts is critical to ensure that players are provided an accurate evaluation and are properly placed for the following season. 

While the club does measure and consider in-season performance when making team formation decisions, all players should make every effort to attend tryouts. In the event that a player cannot attend tryouts, parents must notify the club in advance by filling in the appropriate information during tryout registration. 

All players MUST register online for tryouts in advance. You will not be considered for placement on a team if you are not registered. 

We recognize there will be instances when a player is unable to attend tryouts as scheduled. To be included in the process and be placed on a competitive team, all players that will miss one (or both) sessions for their age group are required to:

  • Register for tryouts. Every player must be registered. 
  • Complete the information in the registration stating that the player will be missing one session or both sessions, note the reasons for the absence (medical condition, out of town, other) and pay the non-refundable registration fee. 
  • Email with your players name, age and what dates will be missed
  • If a player has a situation that is deemed justified to not allow them to be evaluated, efforts will be made to place the player appropriately based upon in-season coach and club-provided player evaluations. 
  • In the event of a “close call” between players, preference will be given to the player that attends tryouts/evaluations unless the absence is due to an injury that prevents the player from participating in tryouts. 
  • Players who miss one tryout sessions for their age group MAY attend an age up. Please email to find out what age you should attend. 
  • Players who have not registered and paid or who have an outstanding balance will not be allowed to participate in tryouts. 


Each age level will vary for tryouts:

  • 9U / 10U/11U:  Players will rotate through field positions, including Goalkeeper, and will not try out for the position. Players with a high interest in playing GK can indicate this during registration but will not have tryouts.
  • 12U: Players interested in Goalkeeping will try out during their age appropriate session. You may indicate on your registration you are interested in 1/2 time GK. Top level teams may have GKs that are more dedicated to the position. 
  • U13 & older:  Top level teams 13U and older will have a full time Goalkeeper. Players will try out during their age appropriate tryout session. Second level teams may have 1/2 time or full time Goalkeepers based on registrations.


We offer winter Goalkeeper training by a club Goalkeeper Coach. 

All North United competitive players are eligible to attend Goalkeeper Training. There is no additional cost to the trainings in the winter season.

Please read through all the Tryout information and FAQs before calling or emailing. 

*NEW POLICY* Do I have to register if I can't attend Tryouts?

YES. All players MUST register online for Tryouts in advance, regardless of attendance at Tryouts. You will not be considered for placement on a team if you are not registered. There is a section in the registration where you can enter details if you will miss tryouts.

What if I am injured and cannot participate in Tryouts? 

Players who are injured and unable to participate in tryouts must register for Tryouts and indicate a medical reason for non-participation. A doctor's note must be provided. Previous season player rankings and coach evaluations will be used to place players on teams. If you are injured after you have submitted your tryout registration, please email and include a doctor's note.

*NEW POLICY* What should I wear to Tryouts?

A North United Adidas training shirt, and pinnie, will be handed out for tryouts. Players need to wear the training shirt, and pinnie, to all tryouts. Shinguards are required. 

What should I bring to Tryouts?

Plenty of water and an inflated soccer ball of the appropriate size. 

Can I watch my child's tryout? 

Parents are not allowed to be near the tryout fields, to coach from the sidelines, or to engage in conversation with evaluators. Parents should plan to stay for the short informational meeting at the start of the first session then leave the tryout area.

It’s hard to watch your child be evaluated against others. We all want our kids to be the best, and to have the chance to achieve their goals. Before the tryout, make sure that your child knows you love and support them — an encouraging hug and loving words can be just as inspirational (or even more so) as a fiery motivational speech. Immediately afterwards, don’t add your own analysis to that of the coaches — whether your child made the team or not, a hug from you will be the best thing you can give them.

What if I don't like or agree with my child's team placement?

There will be no contesting or protesting of team formation results. Parents will not be allowed to contest team placement of any player in any age group. Tryout rankings and team rankings are confidential and will not be shared. Players looking for feedback should reference their end-of-season player evaluations.

Will our Fall teams be different than our Summer teams?

At the July tryouts,  we plan to form birth year teams that will carry over for the entire soccer year (both Fall and Summer). In Fall,  there will be some combining of teams, just like in past years where there are not enough players participating in Fall soccer. For the majority of teams, your Fall team will also be your Summer team.  

Is it possible to play Fall Season only?

Our Fall teams are formed from players registered in the Summer 2021 Competitive Program. To play Fall, we would prefer you also be committed to North United for the Summer 2021 season. 

Is it possible to play Spring/Summer Season only?

Yes, at some levels this will occur because of high school. We encourage players to participate in both Fall and Spring/Summer seasons, but Fall is not required. Players on top 11U-14U teams are expected to play both Fall and Spring/Summer. 

Will everyone that tries out make a team?

While every effort is made to place each player on a Competitive team, the TCSL/MYSA roster size restrictions and the number of players trying out at an age group may prevent placement of every player. All players must be evaluated for placement on a team.

*NEW POLICY* Why are the 9U-12U teams pool training?

For all 9U-12U teams, North United create a blend of teams and pool training which allows players to fully develop their skills as a player. The pool training concept is introduced at these younger ages as a way to ensure the implementation of consistent and high quality training platforms across age groups.  Training in a pool shifts the focus away from team success and forces the emphasis to be placed on individual player development. While the ratio of pool to team training will vary throughout the calendar year, there will be an increased focus on pool training during the winter months. Players will be placed in pools according to their skill level with the understanding that players develop at different rates. Increased competition, improved training satisfaction, and accelerated player development are all by-products of the pool training environment.  

Other benefits include:

  • Deliberate and consistent implementation of age group curriculum
  • Fluidity that ensures that players are consistently being placed in the right training environment
  • Improved club culture and spirit. It’s about more than just one team!
  • Opportunities to build relationships and friendships across the age group. Providing the opportunity to expand their social boundaries is an extremely healthy developmental step for young players
  • Consistent evaluation and feedback provided by the club’s top staff coaches

Uniforms are used over a two year period (2022-2023 and 2023-2024)

We worked with Adidas to lower the cost for 2 new Condivo 20 uniforms, a pair of shirts and two socks.

Partnered uniforms will be ordered through a store.

We believe it is important for families to know what their fees are before they register. Player development is not about how much money you pay or how many "showcases" your team attends. Development is about giving your player the right environment to succeed and the opportunities will come!

While many clubs may not show their fees before registering, or it may cost over $120-$200 per month to play soccer, we believe in keeping our costs low while still providing quality programing with some of the most experienced DOC's in the state.


You can find all cost information here.

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