Players will learn the ability to work together through positive and negative experiences through sport. By playing a team sport, we are preparing them for working through those same obstacles in life.

Unity will transcend the team through our Mentorship Program for 9U-19U players. We will always be connected as a group and a club.


Players will learn the importance of humility through winning and losing.


Our players will learn how to enjoy our own success through celebration, and redefining goals, as well as celebrating the success of others.


Players will be celebrated for who they are and to express their joy of playing the game!

The mindset of both our coaches and players will exude excitement to be involved in creating lifelong memories.



Players will learn, and demonstrate, respect of people and the sport through their actions.


We will respect our opponents, the referees, our coaches and parents of both teams before, during and after games as well as respect for our equipment and uniform.


We will honor our past club history as well as create new traditions for others to follow.


Our players will give back through mentorship and pass on leadership qualities to future players.